Mahatta Trading Company W.L.L Kuwait

Products Range

Safety equipment, Airline/Breathing apparatus, Gas detection systems (Portable/On-line)

Industrial Fans and Blowers

Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers

Pipes-Alloy steel, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel

Pipe Fittings - alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Special purpose fittings, Internal Pip Sleeves

Boiler flames, System, Ignitors, Furnace Camera and Emission Monitors

Explosion proff Air Conditioners and Chillers, HVAC solutions

Reciprocating Compressors

Total Solutions - Rental and Supply of Safety Equipments and Training Courses

In-site Oxygen Analysers

Electrical test system

Columns, Pressure Vessles

Welding Experts - Complete range of welding equipments and consumables

Hose and Fitting Soecials - Hydraulic Hoses, Stainless Steel Hoses, Composite Hoses, Industrial Hoses, Rubber Lay Flat Hoses, Kamlok Couplings, Kamvalok Couplings, Drylok Couplings, Loading Arms, Tank Truck Equipments etc.

Automatic cuttings and Welding Systems

Hose Division

Boiler Treatment and water chemicals

KAJI Technology Corporation - Japan

Reciprocating Air Compressors

Marushichi Engineering Co. Ltd - Japan

Slurry Pumps,
Centifugal Pumps
Oil & Gas Sulfur Pumps

Nakakita Seisakusho Co. Ltd – Japan

Butterfly valves
Pressure safety valves
Regulating Valves


Globe Control valves

Hitachi Saihati Engineering Services Co., Ltd. KSA

Electric motors, generators, pumps, compressors, refrigerating machines, gears, steam turbines, gas turbines, heat exchangers, valves, transformers, etc

Tokyo Keiso Co., Ltd., - Japan

Flow measurement, Level measurement control instruments

Togami Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. – Japan

Power System Equipment, Control System Equipment, High-Voltage Equipment, Water Treatment System Equipment, Tracing Device & Measuring Instrument, Switchboard & Explosion-Proof Apparatus

Hytorc Bolting Systems

Hydraulic Tools
Pneumatic Tools
Electric Tools
Backup Wrenches

Qublock Technology - Japan

Gate, Globe, Check, Ball & Butterfly Valves