Avatec Power Group

Avatec Power is the world’s leading supplier of secondary power solutions, providing and ensuring continuous electrical supply.


  • Industrial and Standard UPS

    Uninterruptible Power Supply- Industrial and Standard UPS are designed with 1GBT Power Conversion Bridge Microprocessor control, and LCD panel. Output rating: 110/220/400VDC, 5KVA – 800kVA.

  • Industrial heavy duty Rectifier/Battery Charger

    Rectifier / Battery Charger- Industrial heavy duty Rectifier/Battery Charger are designed for all applications requiring DC Power Supply. Output rating: 12/24/30/110/220/500 VDC. 50Amp – 1200Amp – Analogue & Microprocessor control.

  • Industrial Inverter

    Inverter -Industrial Inverter are designed for critical applications that require stable AC power supply. Input rating: 110/220/440 VDC. Output rating: Single Phase or Three Phase 5KVA – 800KVA.

  • Switch Mode Rectifier

    Switch Mode Rectifier – Modular Switch Mode Rectifiers are specifically designed to recharge all type of stationary batteries for Telecom, Marine and Petrochemical. Available ratings are 24/48/110/220VDC.

  • Nickel Cadmium Battery

    Nickel Cadmium Battery- NPH Range low maintenance Ni-Cd batteries are intended for rail applications that have frequent or infrequent discharges, such as starting and power back-up. The typical discharge range is from 1 second to 30 minutes.

  • Sealed Lead Acid Battery

    Sealed Lead Acid Battery- Leadline product line offers a compete range of high performance, high quality and highly reliable industrial batteries. Adopting the latest advance technology, these batteries are maintenance free with extended long battery life. Ranging from 2 volt, 6 volt and 12 volt rating, these batteries are either AGM or GEL type. Application covers all areas of industries typically in Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, marine, and power utilities.

  • Vented Lead Acid Battery

    Vented Lead Acid Battery- High performance batteries are designed to give long services life. Most of the battery complies with BS 6290 DIN40738 and IEC standard. These products are suitably used by Utilities, Marine, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical.

  • Battery Rack

    Battery Rack- One Tier Rack, Two Tier Rack, Certified Earthquake Proof Battery Rack, Cladded Racks, Customized Rack.